October 1, 2008

Just A Bit Over The Top

...You know, I can understand supporting your candidate. But this is a bit creepy.


Thomas said...

no, this is creepy:

bobvis said...

TL' yeah, I couldn't watch the whole thing. I have an extreme distaste for such for such stuff (regardless of what is being supported). It's complete manipulation.


That's freaky. I wasn't sure it was real or not. The woman seemed almost like she was in on the joke.

zzi said...

Just a bit???

how bout this?

How bout this Thomas, does this creep you out.


Spungen said...

It is absolutely inappropriate to involve children under high school age in election propaganda. They are being used as cute mouthpieces for their parents' views, and to suggest otherwise is either ridiculously naive or downright dishonest.

bobvis said...

Spungen, what do you think their parents are?

Are they on the net researching the issues and objectively determining what their own views ought to be based on their core beliefs and principles?

Or are most of them less-cute mouthpieces for those who have held social influence over them?

I became a freedom-oriented thinker due to the influence of my fourth grade history teacher, and I basically still am. Interactions with you, Megan, and Capella have moderated my views, but that took a long time, and the process is incomplete.

I'm just saying that the adults are perhaps no better. You are right, of course, that these children shouldn't be manipulated, while the parents at least are willing participants who should know better.