October 13, 2008

Another Stud QB Goes Down

My fantasy football team -- in a scoring-only league -- has been blessed by having the two top-scoring quarterbacks play every week. Phillip Rivers is the most prolific scoring quarterback in the NFL at 88 points scored personally, and Tony Romo is tied for second-most scores in the league with Aaron Rodgers at 84 points each. (Brett Favre is in fourth place with 78.) This potent mix of two stud quarterbacks has propelled the fantasy team to the top of the league.

So when I see that Romo is going to be out of action for at least four weeks, that means despair. The guy who I thought would be our main backup, Tarvaris Jackson, has been benched indefinitely after a really crappy out-of-the starting gate performance. I have to hope that Trent Edwards' recovery from his concussion is for real. For the time being, I have no other option.

Hey, at least the Packers won. In retrospect, the Seahawks should not have loomed so large, given that their starting and backup QB's were both out with injuries. And both the Dodgers and the Rays are still in their respective pennant races, so one-half of my baseball postseason predictions worked out and I can still root for a team in each of the series.

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