October 13, 2008

Being The Loyal Opposition: A Primer

Republicans like me have to resign ourselves to the fact that, for at least two years and maybe four, we're going to be out of power and in the minority at the Federal level. The question is what kind of an attitude we should have about that. Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse offers the best possible attitude to have when that happens. Maybe his prescription will sound too bitter to some. Me, I think there really isn't any other good choice available.

Meanwhile, as I've suggested elsewhere, we need to do some serious soul-searching as to why the GOP has performed so poorly. I continue to submit for your consideration that the underlying cause is that the mix of religious-social conservatism has ceased to dovetail with a moderately libertarian, small-government, fiscally-cautious agenda for government. It is no longer possible to construct a political platform harmonizing those points of view and it is time for the party to pick which path it will go down in the future.

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