October 7, 2008

No Trade

The offer:

J.P. Losman, Joe Flacco, and Torry Holt, in exchange for Philip Rivers.

My response:

Thanks but no thanks.

Some of you may remind me that Flacco has somehow managed to accumulate a Sarah Palin-like excess of expectations by producing a cumulative QB rating of 61.9 for the season, which is, after all, the 29th best QB rating in the entire NFL. But, remember that it's a scoring only league. Trent Edwards has two weeks to recover from his concussion, and then J.P. Losman is going to be relegated to clipboard duty again, producing zero touchdowns every week. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco has two (2) touchdowns in four games. And Torry Holt has half that many.

In a scoring-only lague, Philip Rivers is worth more than all three of them combined, and he only takes up one spot on the roster. A value-for-value exchange I'd consider. McCain's Folly is up to its armpits in decent B-list starting running backs. But the only quarterback with more scoring under his belt is Brett Favre, and he did half of that in a single game against a truly wretched secondary. Not that I wouldn't mind having Favre on my team to go along with Romo, but Brett will not be offered in a trade, under any even remotely reasonable circumstances.

And this is why there isn't a whole lot of trading going on in my league.

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