October 20, 2008

Santa Monica

A trip to Santa Monica today was really kind of wasted. All for work. No real chance to enjoy the cool ocean breeze or walk the Promenade or eat at one of the good restaurants. No fun at all. Just drive down there, defend the deposition, drive the client back up to the desert.

When we lived by the beach, we didn't go to the beach a whole lot. But I liked having it there. I could go if I wanted to. And it brought in the weather from the ocean. Since that is gone from my life for the most part, I miss it.

The Wife isn't fond of places like Santa Monica -- not that she doesn't like fun, but she thinks they're cold all the time. She dislikes the fog. I like the fog. I like the cool and the smell of salt in the air. But I'd rather have The Wife.

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Becky said...

Yeah! Thanks.