October 21, 2008

Speaking of Jack Kemp

A commenter spoke warmly of Jack Kemp. That got me thinking about what Secretary Kemp was thinking about the state of the party. So, here’s some comments of his on conservative-friendly Fox News, from way back in March:

Notice how:

1. Kemp correctly predicts that McCain’s age as a detriment to his candidacy would be largely counteracted by his vigor and his sense of humor. That has largely proven true.

2. Kemp correctly predicted that McCain would need a young governor to serve as his running mate. That has largely proven true.

3. Kemp chastised Sean Hannity for ad hominem attacks on Barack Obama, and calls for a searching analysis of Obama’s economic and military policies instead. Had Hannity and his ilk listened to Kemp, we Republicans might not be fighting to hold on to Indiana right about now.

We need more guys like Kemp around. He's a class act and he still has the ability to project an optimistic, credible vision of what an America with conservative principles behind its government can be.

It’s too bad Kemp blew his credibility in 1996, selling out a lot of what made him special and worthwhile to be Bob Dole’s running mate. And that Kemp is now 72 years old and in not quite as good shape as McCain. Kemp would be a great figurehead for the Republican reform movement.

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