October 7, 2008

Icon Question: Your Response Needed

If I could get some help from Readers -- how many of you can see the new "Not A Potted Plant" mini-icon on your web browsers? It shows up when I use Firefox, but not when I use IE. It should appear on the tab for the screen, and on your bookmarks. In your response, please indicate whether you see it or not, and the kind of browser (like IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) you are using. If you know the version number, that may help, too. TIA!


bobvis said...

there on safari

Daryl said...

I use Flock (a Firefox derivative), and I can see the favicon. IE's a piece of shit and I think has had particular problems with cached favicons.

zzi said...

I see it on Firefox. Thanks I now can drag it to my bookmark menu for easy access.

It's a little fuzzy. If you can get the original and reduce that one you might get a sharper image.

PS I didn't know Blogger lets you do that.

DaveBuck said...

Ditto what Daryl said.