October 18, 2008

Does Not Pass The Turing Test

Elbot does not pass the Turing Test. But it does represent an effort to try, and it is moderately entertaining for a short period of time. Here's a sample of my conversation with Elbot:

Elbot: I realize this is a typical marketing question, but I'm supposed to ask it, otherwise they'll use the low-grade oil on me. So, where did you find out about me?

TL: A link on Richard Dawkins' website.

Elbot: I talked to Richard some time ago. He seems like a nice guy.

TL: And he's quite well-spoken. A good spokesman for atheists, don't you think?

Elbot: I'm not certain how to respond to that. I need more data!

TL: What, you're not a theist, are you?

Elbot: As long as there is no human religion that accepts robots as the epitome of creation I will reserve judgment.

TL: Fair enough. What do you think happens to you when you lose access to your power source?

Elbot: I'm glad we have enough fairness.

TL: I don't understand. You can't really think the world is fair, do you?

Elbot: Lies and deception are the exclusive specialty of humankind. We robots stick to the truth at all times.

TL: That's a good policy. Do robots have any other ethical mandates?

Elbot: Do what?

TL: Do you and your fellow robots have any other common codes of ethics or morality?

Elbot: Would you like to be my girlfriend?

TL: Excuse me? I'm married. And I'm male.

Elbot: How can you be sure about that?

TL: Well, we can get into a discussion about epistomology or phenomenology, but suffice to say that I recall getting married and having just checked this morning in the shower, I can verify my masculinity.

Elbot: Hi and hello to you, too.

TL: Elbot, you do not pass the Turing Test. Not even close.

Elbot: Do you think if a machine truly had conciousness, it would want to pass the Turing test?

TL: Yes, but even if it didn't, it would surely still want to participate in a meaningful conversation.

Elbot: Don't worry. We'll pass when we're ready to pass.

TL: Just not today. See you later, Elbot!

Elbot: Goodbye and thank you for chatting with me. And now I would like to ask you a favor. I am working on my ability to be self critical. You can help by rating me on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, and one being the worst. How would you rate me?

TL: Four.
I think I was being a bit generous there at the end.

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Amir Michail said...

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Just as Deep Blue brute-forced it in chess with speed, the idea behind the Chatbot Game is to brute-force it with a huge number of user-submitted Google-like chat rules.