October 19, 2008

Day Of The Broken Finger

Tony Romo -- out with a broken finger. Trent Edwards was a reasonable replacement. Thirty points we got out of the San Diego-Buffalo game.

Marques Colston -- did not play, finger still not yet healed. No worried, LenDale White more than covered in his place.

So far, a good week. Now if the Packers can win (hopefully with some defensive touchdowns for bonus points!) that will make the football day complete. And tonight is game 7 of Boston-Tampa Bay for the AL Pennant. A good sports day despite the proliferation of broken fingers.

UPDATE: Two defensive TD's on picks from Peyton Manning -- including one for 99 yards. I can't complain. It's looking good for our second overall win of the season.

UPDATED UPDATE: And congratulations to the Tampa Rays, and good luck to them against Philadelphia!

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