October 21, 2008

Go Peddle Your Wares Elsewhere

Watch the entire video. The first forty-five seconds or so got me mad. Then it got really, really good. I was watery-eye proud at the end.

No safe harbor for bigotry.

UPDATE: I can't stand the video auto-playing when the entire blog is loaded up, so I took the embed out. But please watch the video here. I'm convinced, after some looking into it, that this was not a set-up (as some have accused it of being).


zzi said...

Notice it's bigotry when it's against Islam. Is there any video like this (on this blog)showing some fighting for Christianity?

blogger went out of his/her way to trigger it to play

Burt Likko said...

If you want to contend that Christians are somehow an oppressed minority or that there is prevalent anti-Christian bigotry out there in the United States, you're free to offer whatever evidence you have to that effect.

Me, I don't see a lot of Muslims or atheists urging people to not vote for John McCain because he's a secret Christian and therefore can't be trusted. But I do see some Christians saying that Obama is secretly a Muslim and therefore that he can't be trusted. And I do see some Christians saying that you shouldn't vote for Kay Hagan because she accepted a campaign donation from a group of openly atheist people. That sort of thing is bigotry; do you have a better word for it?

I also see other Christians -- like in the video -- protesting this sort of thing and trying to get their more obnoxious co-religionists to behave themselves.

And I have no idea why the video plays automatically. I didn't do that intentionally and I wish it didn't do that.

Burt Likko said...

Oh, and let me add something. It's not clear from the video that the bigot in the red shirt was a Christian, and we should not assume that he is one. He could be an atheist for all I know. Most of the Christians I have met are not bigots and I do not equate subscription to the Christian faith with bigotry.

The only things we can tell about him are that 1) he is prejudied against Muslims and that he thought he's find a receptive audience to his message of hate at a McCain rally -- and 2) that he got his bigoted ass righteously chased out of there by the campaign and by a diverse group of McCain supports.

Which makes me very happy.

zzi said...