October 8, 2008

Follow The Hypocrite's Advice, Not His Example

I stumbled across this site today, and because it contains good tips for both increasing your fuel efficiency and for reducing the environmental impact of your car, I pass it along to you.

Of course, I’ve been driving around with my “Check Engine Light” on for about two weeks now without getting the car in for service. It’s come on and off many times over the past several months and every time I did take the car in for servicing, the problem was always a minor issue with the exhaust emissions control system that the mechanic assured me would clear itself up quickly. What exactly this means, I don’t know. But every time, they’ve been right.

So even though tip #14 says to get the car serviced whenever that light comes on, I haven’t done it. And The Wife complains I make jerky stops even though I try to make smooth ones – it’s often because I try and go too smoothly that I get too close to another vehicle and have to stop quickly. You’d think after twenty-two years of driving I’d have figured that one out but my technique seems to still need work.

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