October 14, 2008

Elite Book

At long last, the new notebook computer that I had ordered has arrived. The HP elitebook is slim and trim and it runs Vista and the Microsoft 2007 family of software, with which I am a little bit unfamiliar. This is not a problem and it does not intimidate me. Loading up my old games on the new computer is an issue, and tomorrow I will need to load up some stuff for work. Fortunately, because I ordered it through the firm's computer consultants, they were able to integrate the computer into the office's systems and I can do things like check my office e-mail handily from anywhere I have internet access. Now the question is whether I want to do away with my gmail account (probably not). It was certainly time.

So there's a bunch of stuff from the old computer I'll need to get onto the new one. That's a little bit tedious but once it's done, it's done and I can shelve the old computer and enjoy the new one.

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