October 7, 2008

Proposition 8 Polling

Eugene Volokh posts a reminder that polling on Proposition 8 is still volatile. A recent Survey USA poll shows Prop. 8 ahead; the Field Poll still says otherwise. Prof. Volokh wonders if the recent advertisement featuring Gavin Newsom making provocative statements has anything to do with it. I know I've seen some activism on the pro-Prop. 8 side -- two doors down from my house, a neighbor has put up two large "Yes on 8" signs exhorting me to "Protect Marriage." (My marriage doesn't need protection, thank you very much.)

This makes me want to buy and post some yard signs urging my neighbors to vote "No on 8" to counteract it. I'll ask The Wife about that before I do it because ther are a number of people in the neighborhood who have anti-SSM propaganda.

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