October 22, 2008

Liberty Is A Mainstream Idea

If only the Libertarians had someone like this twelve years ago. Reasonable but firm, persuasive and appealing, not filled with kooky ideas or a pathological need to emphasize the very sorts of things that will alienate massive numbers of voters (like, say, repeal of the Civil Rights Act or dissolution of the Post Office). With more candidates of this quality, the Libertarian Party might just achieve some significance.

And if more Republicans insist on indulging in stupid, bigoted shit like this, I might just become a Libertarian myself. Shame on you, Congressman Robin Hayes of North Carolina. Whether you are a fellow Republican or not, your bigotry shall enjoy no safe harbor here.


zzi said...

Judge I didn't vote for either one. Let's just say I voted present.

bobvis said...

Hayes said "Liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God."

I don't see how this is bigoted. Isn't "that" a restrictive clause? Isn't he leaving open the possibility that there are real Americans that don't work, don't achieve, or don't believe in God? He isn't saying (in my reading) that belief in God is required to be a real American.

Burt Likko said...

Hayes said that "Real Americans" are the ones who believe in God.

Last time I checked, though, I'm as much of a citizen as him.