October 6, 2008

Kirsty Hawkshaw

Now, perhaps I'm a little bit out of step for people my age, but I enjoy trance music and popular music with trance elements. I was intrigued to learn, while listening to Pandora tonight, that Kirsty Hawkshaw has a solo album. I've kind of followed her since I first heard her crystal-clear soprano voice on a few albums by Delerium. Another trance singer named Kristy Thirsk, the vocalist who sang on Delerium's brilliant Flowers Become Screens, is apparently about to release a solo album also, and she too has a hypnotic voice.

To the Wife: This is something of an Afghan. The rest of you Readers need not know what that means. I write about it because it interests me and because maybe you'll be inspired to seek out some of the music yourself and find you enjoy it.

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