October 2, 2008

Division Playoff Series 2008

October ball is usually fun, but this year it's way fun. In each of the four division playoff series, I actually have teams I can root for.

To start off, the Brewers are in some trouble after losing tonight. They need to take three straight from the obviously superior Phillies. At least the next two will be at Miller Park. I'm hoping for Brewers in five, because that's the only way it can be Milwaukee now. I'm thinking, though, it could easily be Philly in four.

The Dodgers should be favored against the Cubs. Yes, Chicago-N has better swat going on, but Manny is a mitigating factor, and L.A. has better pitching and better fundamentals on defense. And Joe Torre is still the big man in the dugout. I think the Dodgers can take this series in five.

From the O.C., I've got to root for the Angels. Yeah, I know the local minor league team is an affiliate of the Red Sox but come on; the Angels are fun and scrappy and Mike Scoscia is still one of my favorite managers for bringing small ball back to the big leagues. The Red Sox are damn good, though, so I think they'll make Anaheim go all five before giving it up.

And pity the White Sox, because they've got to play against Cinderella. How can you not want the Rays to win and take a shot at the pennant? Tampa Bay has been such a joke in baseball for so long, you've got to feel good about them finally showing some real talent. Normally, I'd say Chicago-A had the edge in pitching, but without Contreras, it's actually kind of a close call. Tampa can knock this out in five. Maybe four if Griffey can't bring it at home, which I hve a sneaking suspicion might be the case.

Milwaukee-L.A., and L.A-Tampa for the pennants. How awesome would that be? I think a Chicago-Chicago World Series would be interesting... to people in Chicago and nowhere else. Something about the idea seems drab to me. If that happens, I'll probably be all, "Oh, yeah, I hope the Cubs get it so they can break their drought." But I won't have the passion for it that a Cubs fan would.

If I predict three out of four series right, I'll call that pretty good. Milwaukee, I'm not feeling so good about, though.

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