October 6, 2008

Bartered Fees And Bar Complaints

One of the interesting things about being a lawyer is that you do not necessarily have to accept money as a fee for your service. I have, at times, accepted a variety of things that are not money. Back when I was the managing partner of a law firm, I would occasionally barter for services: a contractor didn't have enough money to pay us, so he built our office some bookcases instead. I exchanged a corporation for my old law firm's logo; the guy did a great job and the partners who have remained there have kept the basic design even after changing the firm's name. Even now, we have a client who drops off buckets full of avocados for the firm every year, and the staff (and I) love it.

But I've never accepted lap dance for my fees. I'll admit it's creative. But the guy still overbilled the dancer, which seems to be not only a tactical mistake but bad form, too.

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