October 4, 2008

Bark In The Park

We took the dogs out to a dog festival this afternoon. Much fun was had, although the dogs got overstimulated quickly and they did not behave as well as I would have liked. Sassafras got excited about dog cookies and knocked over a basket of doogie snickerdoodles. And they didn't get into the various dog games there -- they're afraid of water so they wouldn't play the jump-in-the-pool-to-catch-the-hot-dog game. Sassafras might be able to catch a frisbee and bring it back, but she'd much rather catch the frisbee and chomp on it. Neither dog understood what the race thing was all about, and they thought the agility ramps were about the scariest thing they'd ever seen since standing water. What can I say, our dogs are a couple of lame-os. So that means they get to go to the groomer instead. Which is where they're off to right now.

1 comment:

bobvis said...

Sorry, but I have to blame bad parenting here. ;)

doogie snickerdoodles

Why are you giving your dogs something that sounds like it should be a controlled substance?

go to the groomer instead

*I* haven't been to the groomer in at least a month. (Ok, I'll admit it's starting to show.)