January 20, 2008

Simply Outplayed

The New York Football Giants simply made fewer mistakes. Their defense shut down the Green Bay Packers solidly; Green Bay got three (3) first downs in the second half of the game. Special teams were sloppy all around. New York made its living on short yardage and the run; Green Bay lived, and died, by the big pass. Neither team had any shortage of opportunities to score and put things away, and for a while it seemed that neither could seal the deal -- until Favre's interception in overtime gave the Giants the ball at the outside of field goal range. You can't commit a turnover like that and so the exciting 2007 season comes to an end. Well, I said New York would come and play tough, and that's what they did. That's how the beat the Cowboys, too. So, I'll watch the Super Bowl, to see if the Giants can take it to New England like they did on the last game of the season. Those Giants are very adaptable and will have learned from their past experiences. But the big question now, as it was after last season, is whether Favre will step down over the off-season.


zzi said...

Have you found anything about that personal penalty on the Giants? They never replayed on TV.

Burt Likko said...

Not a clue.