January 23, 2008

Everything Is Offensive, or, Left-Wing Idiocy Obviously Not Confined To The Western Side Of The Atlantic Ocean

A prize-winning cartoon based on the classic story of The Three Little Pigs has been deemed ineligible for British governmental award eligibility because... Wait for it...

It might offend Muslims

The thing of it is, the kinds of Muslims who might be offended by something so innocuous as The Three Little Pigs would be offended by a dhimmi sneezing or the existence of a BLT on whole wheat toast. And the spineless bureaucrat who made this decision is not Muslim herself -- she's just worried that some Muslims might be offended by it despite the fact that, so far as I can tell, no actual Muslim has actually complained about it.

If the standard for praiseworthiness of something is that someone, somewhere, might somehow be offended by it, then there would be nothing published at all. It would be an intellectually sterile world indeed if everything were required to be completely and totally inoffensive. That's not to say we should deliberately mock people for their religion -- but this is taking it way too far in the other direction.

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