January 15, 2008

President You

If you were elected President in 2008, what would your policies be? I'm looking forward to your comments...


Michael Reynolds said...

Federal regulation of bare midriffs. It's a privilege, not a right.

Legalize pot. Also tobacco.

A 5 year gag order on all scientific studies. If it's still true after 5 years, you can send out a press release. Until then, leave us alone.

All highway "speed limits" are changed to "speed minimums."

It's not "a myriad of," it's just "myriad." Get it right or your taxes are doubled.

Soy "milk" is soy "juice." Tell the truth.

Baby Spungen said...

Severe penalties for disobeying pointing. This scofflaw attitude will be the downfall of civilization.

Arnie said...

Elimination of travel visa requirement for all members of the European Union to the US, including Poland.

Mandatory draft for every 18 to 26 year old, citizen or not, to provide 18 months of either military or other public service.

I would veto any bill presented which had provisions added on to benefit any single entity or other forms of pork barreling. Further, I would admonish the legislator responsible for the pork provision as a regular agenda item in my press conferences.

Repatriation of all overseas deployed US Military within 2 years. No further deployments allowed except as part of UN or NATO directed and coordinated efforts. Only exception would be for those US Marines assigned to embassy duty.

Immigration policies designed to make legal and temporary immigration for seasonal workers easier, while enforcing the return of said workers to their native countries. Further, increasing quotas of potential immigrants over existing limits to encourage legal immigration application. Finally, denial of all services funded by taxes for undocumented persons.

Significant escalation of penalties or punishments associated with illegal drug dealing, gang-related crimes, hate crimes.

Nation-wide education campaign designed to promote courteous driving habits, and to discourage passing on the right, running red lights. Further, federal funding provided to communities to install systems designed to enhance traffic flow instead of impeding it, such as fly-overs and traffic lights timed to allow smooth flow of vehicles traveling at the speed limit.