January 8, 2008

God, Gold, and Gringos

Disturbing revelations presents from both the left and the right about the so-called libertarian running for President. Granted, TNR's credibility is kind of shot, and I wasn't going to vote for Ron Paul anyway. But this is some seriously nasty, paranoid, racist crap.

Congressman Paul's statement in his own defense -- "other people wrote it in my name and I didn't pay close enough attention to what they were doing" -- is pretty weak ketchup, especially for someone who ostensibly aspires to the highest office in the land. So anyone who was considering casting a ballot for Paul ought to at least read this stuff and think twice -- he is not what he appears to be, and even if you buy his defense at face value, it is clear that he would be an incompetent executive.

Hat tip to Callimachus for the visual joke.

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