January 4, 2008

Let's Meet At The Tomato Head!

The Wife and I were very excited to see happy photographs of our friends from Tennessee, taken with the sun setting in the ocean behind their backs. That meant they were visiting in San Diego! I offered, on behalf of The Wife and I, to meet up with them for lunch. They wrote back, "Great! How about the Tomato Head on Market Square at noon on Saturday?"

I'd have loved to. There's good food to be had at Tomato Head (I like pizza #13 and the Oh Boy sandwich) and we would dearly love to meet up with our old friends again. But, they'd already gone back to Knoxville by the time we got the message and sadly, that's a very long drive for a goat cheese pizza, no matter how good the company. Maybe next time!

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Pamela said...

That was an experiance that was both funny and sad at the same time. Andrew and I were both so excited to see you guys! Oh well, it'll happen eventually!