January 14, 2008

Momentum Matters

Florida has been Rudy Giuliani's firewall for some time now. But it appears that momentum really does matter. The Gray Lady reports a four-way polling tie there (McCain has 22%, Giuliani has 20%, and Romney and Huckabee have 19%, with a 5% margin of error, making it an effective tie) between Giuliani, McCain, Huckabee, and Romney -- despite the fact that Giuliani is the only one running campaign advertisements.

Is this the power of free media for McCain and Huckabee? Is this a case of Florida Republicans looking to Iowa and New Hampshire and deciding that those other voters were right about something? Is this a case of polls measuring attention rather than preference?

Giuliani and his peeps had better be getting some serious miles on I-4 and the Turnpike if they hope to turn this around. My folks are visiting my uncle and his family in Florida right now; maybe they'll have some firsthand insights into what's going on down there.

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