January 6, 2008

Quarter Of An Inch, My Ass!

The Weather Underground reports that the Antelope Valley got a quarter of an inch of rain. It sure felt like more than that. My dogs' bowl outside was empty before the start of the storm, and it had something like two inches of water in it this morning. The recycling bin had at least four inches of accumulated water before I dumped it out. (The critters might have drunk some of the water out of the bowl.) I turned off the lawn sprinklers over the weekend -- no need to water the grass when it's going to rain! All the streets and storm drains still have a lot of rushing, flowing water. I think there's something wrong with the official water readings -- we had to have got more than a quarter inch of precipitation in a five-hour rainstorm.


Sheila Tone said...

Oh God. It's snowing. What do we do?

Burt Likko said...

Relax, my friend. There's too much water on the ground for it to stick.