January 15, 2008

Movie Time

So, to teach my kids at the high school about objections and courtroom demeanor, I’m going to put together a program from courtroom movies.  Lots of people at the firm are lending me their DVD’s because my collection is actually pretty slim on courtroom dramas.  I’ve got A Few God Men, and I’ll be getting Liar, Liar, Legally Blonde, and My Cousin Vinny and probably …And Justice For All and A Time To Kill tomorrow.  So tonight I’ll look at the scripts for these movies and find the scenes I want, and tomorrow night I’ll find the spots on the DVD’s that get me where I want to go.  Between six movies I should find enough courtroom scenes to get my ideas across to the kids.  It should be a lot of fun.


Michael Reynolds said...

"Attica! Attica!"

Orange Phantom said...

don't forget LA Law and of course, Boston Legal.