January 7, 2008

Another Clinton Gaffe

Regardless of the outcome of the New Hampshire primary tomorrow, Hillary Clinton vows, ”We’re going to keep going until the end of the process on February 5.”

Um… Hillary? You’ve got Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington State, Washington D.C., Maine, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Ohio, Rhode Island, the Virgin Islands, Texas, Vermont, Arkansas, Wyoming, American Samoa, Mississippi, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Guam, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky, Oregon, Hawaii, Montana, and Democrats Abroad to deal with after February 5. Or do those delegates – nearly half of the total to be gained – not count?

Granted, if you don’t clean up on February 5, you’re in big trouble, Senator. And this sort of statement all but concedes New Hampshire to Obama anyway. Now you’re fighting for third place behind John Edwards again.

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