January 18, 2008

Meet Your Inner Fish

His name is Tiktaalik Roseae and he’s a transitional form of life between a fish and an amphibian. The absent of transitional forms of life is a common method used by deniers of evolution to “prove” that evolution could not have happened. The existence of such a creature is a big knock against such an argument. I’ll be interested in reading the book about the fish and its discoverer, too.


Salsola said...

There have been plenty of transitional life forms found. Deniers of evolution ignore them, as they will also ignore this fish.

Orange Phantom said...

Are we 'a transitional' life form then?

Orange Phantom said...

This transitional fish does not disprove creation, nor does it prove evolution. This is a weak point for both sides.

I'm not ignoring the fish, but show me some evidence that this fish could procreate anything other than another fish?

Burt Likko said...

Are we transitional life forms? Yes.

As for the fish procreating something other than a fish, that's a misunderstanding of what biologists call "speciation," the development of one species of life form from a different species. This has been observed many times, both with and without artificial interference, over the course of tens of generations.

Speciation does not happen in a single generation, but it can happen quite rapidly in geological terms. Two examples you might find with minimal difficulty on internet searches are the "Faroe Island mouse" or the American and European strains of a wildflower called a "goatsbeard." Modern rats are thought to have speciated into about 130 different species during the medieval period of human history.

Orange Phantom said...

hmm, again has a fish ever had an offspring that was NOT a fish? A blue fish might have an offspring that is green or has an extra fin. That's a different species.

The Bible mentions 'Kind'. While there is no definition of 'Kind', I think a fish procreating and having a frog would bean example. A frog and a fish are two different 'Kinds' of animals. This is because the DNA or something is not compatible (even if you do an artificial insemination).

If evolution were true, we'd see evidence of this.

We don't.