June 17, 2005

(Updated) This Just In: Air Conditioning Installed in the Abyss

Holy crap. My least favorite political representative almost admitted he was wrong about Terry Schiavo. (Being a doctor himself, one would have thought that he would have known better than to have put himself the position of having to make this retraction in the first place. But rendering good medical opinions was hardly his objective when he he stuck Congress' nose into places it didn't belong.)

It's not quite snowballs in hell but it is a remarkable backpedal. If he reconsiders his remarks and political actions about judicial independence, maybe after seeing what other conservatives who are actually knowledgeable about the subject think, then maybe that pig really will take flight.

Until then, I say, "Anyone but Frist in 2008." What is more, there is another possible Presidential candidate who lacks even the backhanded integrity of Bill Frist and now I say "Anyone but Bill Frist or Jeb Bush in 2008." I'm running out of Republicans here!


Pamela said...

I think that it is soooo awesome that you reference your opinions! It makes what you write even more meaningful for those of us that may otherwise fall out of the loop with regards to politics. I appreciate it!!

The Critters said...

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