June 19, 2005

Cell Phones

My cell phone has been seriously busted for about three months now. The antenna snapped off when I dropped it, and it was cheaper to replace it than get a new antenna. The Wife and I planned on waiting until her individual contract was expired, which happens some time this month. So today, we got new phones.

The phones are charging up but are loaded with all sorts of digital goodies. I got the apparently very popular LG 6100 phone. The Wife got a less feature-laden phone, but she's thinking about upgrading to the 6100 also after playing with mine. We got a dual plan which hopefully we will not exceed, although The Wife's enjoyment of cell-phone pictures may eat up more air time than she initially anticipated if she gets the 6100.

What's weird was her monitoring of the phones' reception on the drive home from our (ruinously expensive) adventures today. A big concern we had was whether the phones would work out here at The Estate at Louisville. Both her phone and mine had reception troubles here at the Estate -- down in The TLZone, my phone with no antenna was simply non-functional. So The Wife monitored the bars as we drove back from Town to The Estate at Louisville. At any given point on the commute, we had significantly different numbers of bars posted -- my phone would have three bars, hers five; then ten seconds later, I would have no bars and she had two; then a few minutes after that, I'd have all five bars and she would have one. Didn't make a bit of sense. But we tried the phones out here, and they worked fine at The Estate at Louisville, at least today. We have a few more days to try them out before we are committed to them but it looks good so far.

Next up: Figuring out clever words spelled by our phone numbers. Loyal Readers who wish our new cell phone numbers have but to ask.

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