June 15, 2005

I'm Official

Earlier this month, I received word that my application for membership in the Tennessee Bar had finally been approved. I've already been sworn in to practice before the Supreme Court, and today I got my Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility number. The number is about one-sixth the amount of my California State Bar number. My Tennessee bar card is also on a little piece of cream-colored paper, which contrasts with the profesionally-printed plastic identification card that California gives out. However, the seal of the TBPR is every bit as nice-looking as the seal of the California Bar.

I also got my new business cards today, indicating that I am licensed to practice in both California and Tennessee. I intend to keep up both bar memberships indefinitely. Finding properly-qualified CLE courses may be a challenge -- but then again, a lot of the nationally-accreditied CLE classes are taught in Las Vegas -- as if I needed an excuse to want to go there.

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