June 23, 2005


Since my fantasy baseball season is coming to an abbreviated end, I guess it's time to think about fantasy football. The big question mark will be whether I play in a draft league or a market league; after that the issue is running backs.

Pretty much everyone knows who the good quarterbacks will be and which ones will be less-than-impressive; the same is true for kickers. Particularly in draft leagues, those get spread around pretty evenly and the pick of the litter will go to the high draft seeds. With only a few exceptions, wide receivers are largely a crap shoot and tight ends even more so than that. So the difference between a winning and losing fantasy football team is its running backs.

I'm also going to see if I can pay a little more attention to college ball this year. College games are Big Fun, and with the epicenter of Mass Volunteer Hysteria located less than a mile from my office, it's hard to avoid -- so I may as well start wearing some orange and get in on the fun.

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