June 20, 2005

Thunder and lightning

Thunderstorms are pretty cool, when you're not out in them. I just heard a gigantic crack of thunder that came almost simultaneous to a brilliant flash of light, and looked outside to see a thunderstorm gathering.

It's amazing that nature behaves that way. Thunder and lightning are an awesome display of raw power and energy. Watching the clouds build up on top of one another, like looking up from underneath as layers of vanilla ice cream are piled up on top of a glass plate, is fascinating. I only have a tiny view of that outside my office window.

Thunderstorms are terrible to drive in and miserable to walk in. Since I've got to haul big boxes of exhibits down to the Hunk-O-Junk later, that's going to really suck. But until then, the thunderstorm is really cool to look at from the dry safety of the inside of a building.

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