June 13, 2005

Descent Into Chaos

Writing a complaint is a good deal more interesting and enjoyable than reviewing potential medical malpractice cases. But I detest chaos and drama, particularly other peoples' chaos and drama, and I know that this lawsuit promises to give me nothing but chaos and drama as rewards for my efforts.

Of critical importance, of course, is making sure that The Great Man is satisfied with the complaint. There is a practice in Tennessee called "signing with permission" whereby one lawyer can sign for another with a mere verbal authorization. This seems extraordinarily dangerous to me. For a complaint of this nature, I'm not exactly thrilled about signing the complaint, and both Eager Young Law Clerk and Bad Attitude Paralegal are anxious to keep their butts covered, too. So we've awaited the arrival of TGM to review and sign the pleading before filing today; he also had many suggestions for the interrogatories. The content of what I'd written was fine, it's more of a matter of shoehorning them into the niceties and formalities of local procedure.

EYLC has just begun the two-hour drive to a rural county to file this bad boy later today, so that's one worry off my mind. Now, I've got to think about depositions and new cases. Apparently I've got to meet with The Doc this evening on my way home.

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Anonymous said...

E, sounds like you need to "put the system on trial!"