June 24, 2005

Jack Knows Music

When I was in Los Angeles and San Diego recently, I was treated to a new radio station, "Jack-FM." The slogan is "We play what we want." That turns out to be a mix of some "classic" rock from the late 60's and 70's, some disco, a lot of 80's and 90's pop and rock, some more recent stuff, and a few oddball songs, including some hip-hop and some real oldies from early 60's thrown in for variety. There is no DJ and the station identification bumpers are short and have a cynical attitude. "We're going to play some commercials now. Because we like money."

I heard a profile of "Jack FM" on NPR a couple weeks ago, and it's not quite as advertised -- but it is a dramatically expanded playlist, aimed directly at the demographic group of which I am a member. About the closest thing to it that I can get here in Knoxville is the "Party Music" station on the cable TV. I wish there were "Jack FM" here. The music mix is really good, which is the real reason to listen.

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