June 27, 2005

A New Shirt

At lunch today, I went out to replace the old, dead lawn mower battery. That was relatively painless since I know of a small motors parts dealership near downtown. The problem was that carrying the battery back to the car, I spilled battery acid all over my chest. It wasn't strong enough to burn me (although my skin does itch a little where the spill happened, I think it's a psychosomatic reaction), but it was strong enough to leave a really ugly stain all over my shirt and the T-shirt underneath. The golf shirt that bore the brunt of the acid spill is wrecked and I'm going to have to throw it away.

The shirt was not one that I was particularly in love with, and I'm pretty confident that The Wife won't mind a bit that it's been ruined. More annoying was the fact that I had to buy a replacement shirt and there's pretty much no shopping anywhere near downtown where I could get a cheap golf shirt. The nearest place I could find was Rocky Top Books near the university, where the only golf shirt there was $55.00. That came out to just over sixty bucks after taxes. They had lots of crew-neck T-shirts, but that's a little too casual for office wear, even with my new policy of casual dress when there are no clients to be seen or lawyers to meet. But given the time (I had been out of the office for over an hour looking for a replacement shirt), it was that or come back to the office with a shirt dissolving before everyone's eyes from spilled battery acid.

Note, however, that I am not an alum of UT and do not claim to be affiliated or connected to UT in any way. Maybe The Wife will go there, but until then, I'm just a local who roots for the sports teams when they happen to be on -- and now, spending too much money on the clothing.

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