June 22, 2005

Mom's in town and wow am I tired

My mother has come to town to visit. She's staying a few nights at her aunt's house about half an hour away, and she'll also stay a few nights here at The Estate At Louisville. The Wife and I had a nice dinner with them tonight.

Now, I'm really feeling the effects of two sequential days of less than five hours' sleep, getting up before the sun rises (during the longest days of the year), driving for two hundred miles into the rising sun, staying acutely focused on intense and emotionally draining facts for twelve hours at a stretch, driving another two hundred miles into the setting sun (again, these are the longest days of the year), running errands, and not getting to sleep until at least eleven thirty at night. A second car would have really eased some of the awkwardness of running errands, but a lot more of the stress and mental exhaustion just couldn't be helped.

After a nice glass of wine, which I'm going to have as soon as I finish this post and shut the computer down, I'm going to go to sleep early and hopefully tomorrow (after I do my damndest to get that summary judgment opposition finished) I can come home and actually appreciate having the chance to visit with my mom. More elaborate blogging to come tomorrow night, hopefully including a book review.

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