February 8, 2008

Day By Day Goes Off The Deep End

For a while, I had liked Day by Day, in part because it was a conservative-leaning comic and in part because I could syndicate it daily for free here on the blog. I'm happy to offer my readers additional content in exchange for giving the author of that content some publicity. But it hasn't been funny for a while and it's clear that the author is becoming one of the sour-grapes Republicans who think that McCain is an unmitigated disaster for the Republican party, and more importantly, who won't give it up and try to find some value to extract from the situation. Chris Muir and his ilk have drunk too deeply of the Kool-Aid and they should take a dose of clear-eyed reality.

I hardly mind it if people disagree with me. Indeed, I often invite it, because that keeps things interesting. But the right wing is really going off the deep end here. A strong military, pro-active aggression against terrorists, a balanced budget, pro-life (remember, I'm pro-choice myself), and pro-gun rights is not a liberal policy platform, and despite his several flaws, John McCain is not the political equivalent of Hillary Clinton. So in addition to not being funny, the strip has also become stupid.

Maybe in the future I'll re-syndicate his strip, but it's got to at least start being funny again.

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Michael Reynolds said...

It's hard to be tendentious and funny at the same time. Fanatics are never very witty.

This obsessive hatred of McCain is just plain weird. Conservatives would rather have a 20% candidate than an 80% candidate? Really? That makes sense to them?

They want to be mad. They need to be mad. They've been in power for 7 years now, so the only people they can logically be mad at is themselves. They can't bring themselves to admit that the GOP hasn't been hurt by some future president McCain, but by very present president Bush.