February 22, 2008

Two Annoyances

1. The scores from last night's competition were published. My kids lost -- 49%-51% out of 100 possible points between the two teams. (Another set of teams tied, 50-50.) This very narrow margin of loss suggests rather strongly to me that the one public defender who effusively praised the other team's objections when they never made any probably represented the margin of defeat. I feel bad for the kids -- it's one thing to lose to a good adversary, but it's another thing to lose because someone wasn't paying attention or was biased. This just means that they'll have to dominate over their opponent next week to make it into the championship seed.

2. We figured out what to do about our vacation, and decided to go to Wisconsin to meet up with all of our families. My parents will be visiting there at the end of June for a wedding, so we figured we'd be out there at the same time and see everyone. But The Wife's flaky colleague had already put in for the time that we wanted to go, so now we need to plan our lives around this person's schedule.

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Orange Phantom said...

Trust me on this: You can always get another flakey colleague, but you only get one chance with your family.

Visit with M&D (mom and dad) and your grandmother. And if you have time, stop by my place too.