February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Political Ad

We didn’t see the ad here. But Barack Obama ran ads on the Super Bowl. Fox, the network that broadcast the game, wouldn’t sell ads to any of the campaigns, claiming that it was all sold out, but Obama bought as much time in local markets as he could. Here’s the ad – it’s very well-done, for political advertisements, and unabashedly liberal in its tone, if unobjectionable in the vagueness of the policies he advocates:

Maybe you like Obama, maybe you don't. But it's clear that this guy has got IT. I suspect that I would dislike the policies he's underlining. But the energy of the ad is infectious. It is a powerful siren call, and you'd have to be something of a clod to not feel even a twinge of idealistic temptation to support the guy.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if, like the New York Giants, he comes from behind to upset the front-runner tomorrow. Recent polls show him leading here in California.

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