February 26, 2008

Things You Don't Get Admired For

No one admires you when you're sick and show how dedicated you are to your work by showing up at the office and working through your illness. Their reaction is always, "Dude! I don't want what you've got. Go home!" So I've been staying home as I convalesce from whatever terrible thing seized my body Sunday and kept me up shivering in a heated house all night long. I slept for nearly 20 hours yesterday and no one will admire me for that, either. I don't feel rested at all from it, either.

Fortunately, I'm mentally aware enough today to get some work done remotely, and I can log in from home to do my work from here. It's not nearly as efficient as it is at the office but it's way better than nothing. No one admires you for missing deadlines, either.

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Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon. Take care.