February 27, 2008

Once More Because You Didn't Hear Him Clearly The Last Five Times He Said This

Michael Bloomberg will not run for President. His appeal would have been that of a good manager and successful businessman who could rise above partisanship and an advocate for policies that he thought were right regardless of which banner they were offered under. Given that the Republicans are on the verge of nominating John McCain and the Democrats are trending towards nominating Barack Obama -- both outsiders who have been soundly rejected by their respective parties' establishment -- it is clear to me that there is no particular need for an independent candidate.

Besides, Bloomberg was only polling around 15% nationally anyway, if the rumors were to be believed. Bloomberg wouldn't spend a billion dollars of his own money to get 15%. He might have spent it if he had a credible shot at winning. But a billion bucks, just to be a spoiler. He's no dummy and he can see how badly Mitt Romney got burned -- over forty million Romneybucks lit on fire so that Mitt the Flip would be on John McCain's short list of potential running mates. Not a good buy.

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