February 12, 2008

Penn Says...

...Hillary doesn't have a chance. He knows because he told an offensive joke and didn't get the reaction he expected. Yes, that Penn, one of the guys who makes Bullshit! and does magic shows in Vegas. Well, what works in a Vegas lounge act is as good a pulse on the popular culture as any, I suppose.


zzi said...

I honestly thought - - William Penn.
Pennsylvania is the last primary, no?

Burt Likko said...

Nope, Penn Jillette. Looks like I can at least put out an eyeball-grabbing headline or two.

The last primaries for Democrats will be Montana and South Dakota on June 3, but they also have a caucus in Puerto Rico the next week. At the rate they're going, it could come down to South Dakota.

Republicans will have their list primary in Nebraska on July 12