January 27, 2009

What The Wife Learned In Her Cake Classes

First, tonight's wedding cake.Then, the cherry blossom cake from Chinese New Year.I can't stand that she's full of criticism and doubt about the cakes. She does nothing but point out flaws. I think they're really pretty. And I'm proud of her.


Michael Reynolds said...

Can your wife come over for a play date?

Burt Likko said...

Well, I keep on asking for your address so I can send you that bottle of scotch you won in our bet. I am I going to have to throw in one of her cakes, and hand-deliver them, too?

Michele said...

Ok, this has to stop. On Sunday I heard someone ask your wife if she was a professional cake decorator. Clearly her work is fabulous--and delicious. The plum and the ginger were divine!