January 9, 2009

May Be A Good Year Coming Up

Film School Rejects identifies 25 movies to look forward to this year. A sample of the fun:
The movie is called Ninja Assassin, do I even have to say why we’re excited about this film? Hell, the film’s star is so badass his name is just Rain. Like Madonna, but if she were a ninja. And a dude. And Korean. But seriously, this film follows a super bad ass assassin out for revenge against those who trained him, but then made the mistake of killing his best friend. The stunt work and fights are coming to you courtesy of 87 Eleven, the same guys who did 300, The Bourne Films, and The Matrix. Expect this movie to have the most slice-and-dice sword action of the year as well as be a strong contender for a Best Fight nod at the end of the year, even against a lot of stiff competition. Sharpen your blades and hone your shuriken, because this is going to be bloody awesome. - Robert Fure.
It's the absence of pretense that makes it so charming. Read 'em all, and see you at the movies!


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