January 30, 2009

Blagojevich's Defense

It didn't work, obviously. But instead of going on the floor of the legislature in Springfield, claiming he did it all for the children and whining about how he was special, he would have been much better off trying this -- and doing it behind the scenes:

"Oh, you're going to oust me for corruption, are you? Well, Tom, what about you that that teenage boy you're calling an 'intern'? Maybe you ought to vote 'no.' And Vic, come on, you're a little bit too chummy with that contractor who donated $100,000 to your last campaign. If you vote 'no,' I'll 'forget' that bit of trivia whenever I have to respond to a subpoena." Wash, rinse, repeat, a minimum of 31 times.

Really, would there have been any other way for Blagojevich to have saved his job? Well, a new haircut wouldn't have hurt -- a friend last night joked that Blagojevich had "guilty hair." Anyway, he didn't do it, so go, Blago, and never darken our political doorsteps again.

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