January 12, 2009

Back To The Trough

Bet you couldn't have seen this coming. Chrysler wants another three trillion of your dollars, because the first four trlllion just weren't enough. I mean, what a surprise.

Quoth P.J. O'Rourke:
Bringing the government in to run Wall Street is like saying, "Dad burned dinner, let's get the dog to cook." Now the government's going to take over the auto industry. I can predict the result--a light-weight, compact, sustainable vehicle using alternative energy. When I was a kid we called it a Schwinn.
And yet, there are people seriously asking "Is there a serious conservative argument against the stimulus?" as if the objection to the ongoing stimulus wasn't patently obvious. You'll find the basis for that objection right here on this blog. Search the right-hand column for the to-the-second national debt counter, and notice how fast it is increasing. That's money we have to pay back. We should be borrowing as little additional money as possible because the more we borrow now, the less our government will be able to do in the future because the more we borrow now, the more we'll have to pay in interest over the next thirty years.

I dunno. After eight years of George W. Bush, maybe that isn't a conservative argument any more. Still, is it so damn hard to figure out that deficit spending is bad?

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