January 13, 2009

Apply For The Best Job In The World

It pays AUS $150,000 a year -- that's just over $100K in U.S. money.

The job requires relocation -- to a paradisical tropical island off of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Perqs inclue rent-free lodging in a three-bedroom vacation home with plunge pool, a golf buggy for going around the island, and snorkelling equipment.

Duties require touring the island and neighboring areas, exploring the Great Barrier Reef, and periodically blogging and answering press inquiries about what a great time you're having. Successful candidates will be able to speak and write English clearly and have good press skills. Other minor duties as required (i.e., picking up stray coconuts, light cooking when the PM drops by).

Apply at http://www.islandreefjob.com/en/ -- that is, if the site isn't down from too much traffic from other people who would like that job too.

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