January 4, 2009

Anti-Dynasticism Is A Bipartisan Sentiment

Remember what I said about how we should all assess the possibility of Caroline Kennedy with a trace of negativity because of the many high governmental positions held by members of her immediate family? How it shouldn't automatically disqualify her, but it should raise the bar she has to meet in order to demonstrate that she's the right person to hold the office? And the reason why, remember that? The reason being that this is not a country of overt aristocracy, a country that firmly rejected the principle of hereditary monarchy and dynastic succession. We are all, or should be, rightfully proud of our republican (small "r" heritage).

Well, what I said for Caroline Kennedy goes the same for Jeb Bush. At least in my book, Governor Jeb is going to have a higher burden than someone else who has served two terms as Governor of a large state to earn my support for his candidacy for President. Now, I realize that he is not his brother or his dad. But we've had twelve years of that particular family running the show.

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