January 25, 2009

Observations Of A New Dishwasher Owner

Since The Wife and I got a new dishwasher, we've been using the dishwasher a whole lot more. I don't think it's a function of our staying in and cooking more. We're simply more willing to use the new dishwasher now that we have it.

It's easier to use than the old one, it's more effective for dishes and glasses placed on the top rack, and it rinses cleaner. We're more willing to run it while we're home because it's much more quiet. Or, I can set it on a three-hour start delay when I'm done with my breakfast before going to work, so I can shower without using up all the hot water on the dishes -- and The Wife comes home to clean dishes.

This unit isn't drying the dishes particularly well, though, which is a problem The Wife is taking the lead on solving. Once that's accomplished, we'll be in clean dish nirvana.


Yogi said...

Don't skimp on the JetDri. It really makes a difference, esp. when the incomming water isn't hot enough.

Love the blog.

Kim Gail said...
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Burt Likko said...

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